that is powerful and effective, and then get ready to pick out your outfit.

With so many things hanging in the balance and all the factors that you have to nail to impress that special girl, you need to be on top of your game preparation wise. You can not just wake up and go straight to your date, you really do need to prepare.

Outfit Dont’s

  1. Don’t stand out with color on the first date. You should take it easy especially if it is a first date so leave that pink polo behind.
  2. Don’t overdress. You shouldn’t wear a tuxedo to a date. It wont impress her! 3. Don’t underdress. Like the previous one, don’t underdress either. Sweats and a tshirt will only embarrass you in front of her.

Outfit Do’s

  1. Highlight your best features. If you shave clean, a neutral black or gray shirt will look great on you. If you have light eyes and light hair, wear more white. Furthermore, if you are tan, white shirts also look more appealing on you. It is all about highlighting your beautiful features and hiding your worst.
  2. Make sure your clothes are clean. Nothing will lead to a failed date more than wearing a grease stained pair of jeans! Pay attention guys.
  3. A tie is okay if you wear a button down. Tie’s look great with button downs and they don’t count as overdressing.

Where Do You Take Her?

This is where guys make such big mistakes during dating season. And not because they pick the wrong place to take their partner out, but rather they focus too much on it. It’s simple; go somewhere fun where you will be have a good time. And also, it does not matter that much where you take her.

It matters how you are during the date. If she can have fun with you even on a lousy destination, the relationship will definitely go somewhere. Focus on being confident, fun, have a good sense of humor but not forced. Just be yourself, but attempt to make a better improved version of yourself. Elect to show your happy side instead of your other ones.

That is all you can really do during a date, and will work out much better for you in the long run than stressing on where to take your date. If you really can’t decide, here are some examples:

The possibilities are endless.  The only time I would say that the destination matters is only on Valentine’s Day. If you are unsure where to go and want to spice things up a little, read this guide. You will get some unique date ideas that work very well for many couples.

So men, there you have it. If you want to dazzle her, dress well, groom yourself, and be the best version of yourself that you can be. That is all a girl can ever really ask for.

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