dating mistake that people usually make by staying silent or ignoring the facts.

Remember though, ask with the intentions of being fun, exciting and even put on a smile while you do it. That way, you won’t look like as though you are interviewing them for a job or an already planned wedding.

2. How Did You End Up Here?

People usually have fun stories to tell when it comes to how they found or ended up in a particular place. Asking that question will make that first date an interesting and one you might not forget soon. Remember that since it’s your first time sitting side by side enjoying those wonderful moments, it might not be easy for you to interact. To ignite the conversation, you need to ask questions that will make you feel free to talk with that person you want to be your soul mate. Dates are times for conversations and exchanging of ideas.

3. Are You a Morning or Night Person?

The chances are that you already know the type of person you are. Therefore, asking your partner whether they are day or night person will help you know how to deal with them. You, of course, know that you intend to live with him for years. If your partner is a morning type, be happy and engage him/her in a lot of fun. That’s a lovely person and boring him will be a mistake. For the night type, you need to be a little bit tricky on your approach. In most cases, night guys can be drunker, smarter or even get booty. So know how to engage them.

4. What’s Your Favorite Food?

We all love different foods. Knowing your partner’s favorite food will help you know what to buy for them if it’s your turn to do so. Of course, buying them their favorite food will make them feel happy and loved. Therefore, make sure that you know what they love the most when it comes to food. The best way to show love and care for your partner when dating is by getting them what they love.

Now you have the most important questions to ask on that very first date. Make sure you ask these questions and other funny ones that will make that date a fantastic one. It’s a time to enjoy and have fun with your loved one. Make maximum use of it and you’ll never regret or feel that you weren’t lively on your first date.

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