Valentine’s Day packages that are being offered at every hotel. You both can indulge in binge movie-watching, order the room service every ten minutes and go crazy on the mini-bar!

4.     A cultural touch:

If your partner is incredibly classy and sophisticated and has a big thing for literature and art, you must consider delighting them with surprise tickets to the theatre, the opera, or a new art exhibition. Your partner will not only enjoy immensely, but he/she will also be touched that you appreciate and share their interests.

5.     Dance Away the Night!

If you and your partner have been married for over 6 years, and you both just can’t seem to organize a date night between the kids and your heavy schedules, this one’s for you! It’s time to hire a nanny for the night, put on your best dress, and hit the loudest and trendiest club to dance the night away in the arms of your partner.

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Thursday , 19 September 2019